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Time Management Made Less Boring

We had this problem of ours - not getting all the things done as they come. Why? Because sometimes it feels so easy to rearrange today's tasks and do them on tomorrow.

Time management is challenging. This is why we needed something different - something that could motivate us forward in our journeys and help us finishing all the tasks.

Wimble will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone


Get Things Done And Be a Rockstar!

We deserve recognition and rewards for getting things done, and we want to feel good and appreciated.

Imagine proceeding forward in your life and at the same time getting awesome feedback which motivates you to push even further!

Time Management Becomes Social

Let's get things done together!

Communicate and share tasks with your family, arrange meetings with your friends and share notes with your colleagues.


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Customize Your Own User Experience

Personalize your Wimbling experience and make it unique.

Choose the best combination of themes and extensions to make it look like yours.

All-in-one Solution

free to download


Wimble is free to download.

personal calendar

Personal calendar

Wimble keeps log of your daily doings in your personal calendar.

personal to-do-list

To-do lists

Create personal to-do lists with Wimble to get things done.

personal notes

Personified notes

Wimble lets you to make personified notes by typing, taking photos & recording voice.

smart task

Smart tasks

Wimble lets you to create smart tasks into your calendar.

share anything

New way of communication

Share easily anything you create with Wimble. Discuss about anything you have shared with your friends.

customize your experience


Wimble lets you to customize your very own user experience with different kind of themes & extensions.

in-app store

In-App store

Enhance your own user experience as you want with Wimble.

works online and offline

No limitations

Wimble works both online & offline.

store your data

Store your data

Wimble stores your data into cloud when you want it.

synchronize with other calendars


Synchronize your other calendars with Wimble.

secured privacy


Your privacy is well-protected. Wimble does not share your personal information for third parties.

motivation to your life


Wimble motivates you to get things done & brings playfulness into your life by measuring your activity.

rewarding experience

Rewarding experience

Wimble provides rewarding user experience for its users with rewards.

next-generation diary

Next generation diary

Wimble is a next-generation diary, a nexus of your past, present & future.

next-generation diary


Rank up, get rewards, earn achievements & manage your time better with Wimble


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